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To Sow or Not to Sow?

The parable of the Sower is found in Matthew 13 beginning in the first verse, Jesus explains this parable sitting in the boat as the crowd had gathered around him and on the shore.  If the farmer didn’t go out to sow seed, would anything be able to grow?  No because there would not be a presence of seed.  The farmer did however, scatter such seed instead of withholding it, but his aim was off as some fell along the path, which became a snack for the birds as they ate it.  In the rocky places, the seed saw very little soil, but responded quickly to the shallow soil.  The sun scorched it, because it was root deficient.  There was other seeds that found their way to the thorns which choked the plants that they joined.  Lastly, the farmer’s throw allowed some seed to find good soil, where it produced a crop.  It multiplied exponentially.

God is the Sower and sows the seed and the increase comes.  Not by my power, because my aim was off, because my life was a bit rocky, my attitude was shallow, my heart was scorched because I was not rooted in God’s word.  When I found good soil, when I had a place that loved me, that nurtured me, that set me on a path to know Christ better, then the multiplication could begin.

There is someone else that is seeking to grow, but we have been holding back the seed.  Let us scatter the seed accordingly, so that God through the love of Jesus Christ can multiply the kingdom here on earth.  To sow, is a faith move.  Not to sow could be a missed opportunity to bring wholeness to a lost soul.

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