Spring Rally

Event details

  • Sunday | April 28, 2024
  • All Day

Save the Date: Spring Rally Time is upon us!  More info about this year’s rally is forth coming, but will be held on Sunday, April 28th.  As in the past, we are requesting each adult member for an additional contribution of $250.00 above their normal giving level.  Because of declining regular contributions, meeting our goal of $13,000 for the Spring Rally is very important. In an effort to lessen the financial burden on you for your donation, we invite you to explore a more flexible approach to fulfilling your assessment. Rather than paying the entire amount at once, consider opting for a five-week installment plan starting next Sunday. Here are a couple of reasons why this option might be beneficial to you:

  • Ease of Budgeting: By spreading the payment over five weeks, you can better manage your finances. It allows you to allocate smaller portions from your budget without feeling overwhelmed.
  • Reduced Financial Strain: Paying in installments minimizes the immediate financial burden. It ensures that your regular expenses and commitments remain unaffected.